Last Updated on July 15, 2016

There is a timeless style shared by those who push the limits of speed and endurance, whether on the track, on the water or in the air. It’s a style that reveals an appreciation for the fundamental truth of high-performance design: lightweight with strength turns power into precision. For those who race, there has always been one constant requirement: the need to see with perfect clarity. To accurately gauge rapidly changing distances. To bring blurry grains of visual information into instant focus. To use the smallest detail as an exact point of reference.

Lancier by Dita Eyewear™ is born of that truth, engineered to fulfill that requirement. Lancier lenses are of the highest optical quality, offered with and without polarization. Lancier frames are meticulously handcrafted by our master craftsmen in Japan from lightweight materials including titanium, zyl acetate and co-injected rubber. In addition, the frames feature our patented Temple Release™ technology. The result is eyewear as strong, adaptable and driven to perform as the individuals who choose to wear it.


It is said that in auto racing, you drive with your eyes: where the eyes are focused, the hands and feet will follow. With each rapid sweep of the eye across the landscape, the driver gathers mission-critical data: the radius of a curve, the banking angle, the degree of a slope. The more clearly the driver sees, the quicker the driver can process the rushing stream of visual information. In racing, knowledge is power.


Sailing is nothing if not a lesson in physics. To helm a sailing vessel in the heat of competition is to conduct an experiment in fluid dynamics as the winds pressure against the sails literally pulls the hull through water. It demands the rare ability to read the sea for the most subtle of signs – a puff of wind, a seam between sets of waves. It is a painstaking pursuit of speed and tactical advantage that tests the appetite for risk, and rewards the bold strategic move.


Those who fly for sport know a sense of exhilaration rare even among pilots. It is a sport that makes all others seem like mere games, a high wire act where there are no second chances. To guide an aircraft at racing speeds demands total attention to detail. The level of concentration cannot be broken by less than perfect vision. To an aviator, eyewear isn’t a fashion accessory – it’s a conduit through which man and machine become an instrument of pure precision.