Lens Technology

Last Updated on July 18, 2016



Lancier lenses block out 100% of harmful UV rays up to 400nm.

UV-A = Aging

Long Wave – Contributes to the aging and tanning of skin.

UV-B = Burning

Medium Wave – Contributes to burning and wrinkling of skin as well as cataracts in the eyes.

UV-C = Cancer

Short Wave – Causes cancer and is the most dangerous type.



Lancier lenses are made from mineral glass, which provides greater clarity and higher scratch resistance compaired to polycarbonate or CR-39 lenses. Our mineral glass lenses are 20% thinner than standard glass lenses, meaning they fulfill a basic aim of Lancier design: to save weight wherever possible.



A nine-layer Anti-Reflective coating on Lancier lenses help reduce eye fatigue by absorbing bounce-back glare from above and behind the lens. The Anti-Reflective coating also eliminates glare from windshields, water, street lights and other highly reflective surfaces.



Lancier lenses exhibit zero distortion from frame stress which is critical to the performance-oriented individual. Zero distortion means that when looking through Lancier lenses, things are seen exactly as they are. There is no refraction. Objects are precisely as they appear–the brain does not need to compensate for the distortion, a major cause of eye fatigue is significantly reduced.



Break it down and it’s a much less intimidating term: Oleo, as in oil. Phobic, as in resistant. Put it together and it means that the Oleophobic coating on our lenses help repel smudges and grease. Lancier lenses maintain their clarity and are easy to clean.